If you choose Doddington Hall to be your wedding venue then you have a LOT of options for your wedding photography!  As a Lincoln Wedding Photographer I always enjoy being invited to take photos here. Georgina & Scott held their wedding at Doddington Hall on what was forecasted to be a gorgeous sunny day in June.  Well, the great British weather had other ideas.  So it decided to throw everything at us!  The day started cold and breezy.  As the ceremony got closer the sun came out and it was beautiful.  Everyone mingled happily in the sunshine – some even commenting on how gorgeous the weather was.

As always I started taking the group photos first.  We were using the grand  entrance of Doddington Hall – and then – out of no where – came the torrential rain! No one had spotted the storm clouds brewing on the horizon. Thankfully I only had a few group photos left to take.  Oh- and the photos of the couple who had hoped to take advantage of the spectacular gardens that Doddington Hall is known for.

The remaining group photos were hastily rearranged to take place inside the magnificent reception hall.  We were even given permission to take Georgina and Scott  into the Red Sitting Room which is very rare.  I’m so thrilled to be honest.  It’s a gorgeous room for very regal looking wedding photographs.  Lots of my fellow photographers didn’t even know that was an option!

Eventually the rain stopped, the sun came out again and we even had a few minutes before the reception started to take some photos in the gardens.  All in all it meant that this couple were able to get a varied set of photos for their album!  As far as weddings at Doddington Hall go I’m sure you will agree this couple have got something quite special – here are a few images from their day – I hope you like them!

If you are looking for a photographer for your Doddington Hall wedding – do please call to and have a chat.  You can contact me on 01529 241633 or contact me by email here 

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I’m always very excited when I’m asked to do a wedding with two grooms, or two brides.  The weddings are usually incredibly emotional as there is always a back story involving the difficulties the couple have had.  So when we get to the wedding day itself – its joyous , its fun and it’s a privilege to be part of it.

Ian and Dayle were a delight to work with.  Ian was your proverbial kid in a candy store – he was SO excited about his wedding day.  Partner Dayle was much more relaxed and unassuming – but you could still tell how much the day meant to him.

We started the groom prep photos – well for Ian anyway.  He wanted every moment capturing.  From the giggling bridesmaids sipping champagne to nervously adjusting his tie we caught everything on camera.   The viewpoint from the bedroom window meant we could spy on Dayle pacing around the courtyard below!

The wedding ceremony itself was held in the beautiful orangery at Charlotte House.  A simple, meaningful service – with a few tears along the way.  Group photos were taken outside the hotel with the smaller more intimate photos taken in the “secret garden” at the back.  It was lovely to spring that on to the grooms as they had no idea it was there.

Sadly the golf buggy Charlotte House is known for had broken down so we had to take quick walk through the Castle grounds.  From there we took some photos around Steep Hill where the boys had spent much of their time when they lived in Lincoln.

After the formal photos it was time to just capture the guests enjoying themselves, enjoying the banter and good humour that always accompanies a wedding.  There’s a selection of the photos from the wedding below.  Hopefully you will see why I said “when two grooms are better than one!”



If you are getting married at Charlotte House Hotel – do give me a call. I’d love to have a chat about your day, and have some beautiful (and different!) albums to show you featuring Charlotte House!

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Female Boudoir Photographer in Lincolnshire

Seductive Boudoir Photography

Boudoir by a female photographer comes to Sleaford! Yes I have been rather busy over the last few months with my boudoir photography – it seems as though there is a real desire for women to feel good about themselves, and have a real confidence boosting photo shoot. I have had a lot of ladies from the RAF camps wanting boudoir shoots so they can send their partners serving abroad a sultry photo or slideshow of themselves. Poor guys! As if they don’t know what they are missing anyway! But seriously I think it is a lovely gift for the guys working away – a little bit different for them!

I have worked very hard to ensure my style of boudoir is classy, subtle, elegant and professional. Anyone can pick up a camera and take a photo of a women in her lingerie, but to really make it look good you have to understand how a women feels, how to light her flatteringly, how to hide the bits she doesn’t like, and how posing is important to enhance the bits she does – all the time making her feel beautiful and comfortable, not awkward and embarrassed.. It all takes a lot work to get these various issues right , so I like to take my time when scheduling a boudoir photoshoot.

I usually allow two hours for the shoot and always ask it is scheduled so that my client isn’t clock watching – nothing like keeping an eye on the school run time to make a woman feel agitated – not a sexy feel at all! I have a fabulous make up artist, Katie,  who specialises in glamour makeovers for photography aswell so that usually makes the whole experience last about 3 hours. best boudoir photographer

For obvious reasons not everyone wants their boudoir photography on show to the world so I am eternally grateful to the ladies who have agreed to let me use their images to show you what can be achieved. I’m particularly thrilled as these are the very ladies who had low self esteem, didn’t think they could look this good in a photo, and certainly didn’t think they would end up buying large canvases of themselves, or an album full of prints!

glamour photography in lincolnshire

Before and After

So ladies of Sleaford (and Lincolnshire – but I know there are quite a few in Sleaford who have expressed in interest!!) – what are you waiting for?
There’s no need to diet – the camera really can lie ! I yes of course I airbrush! I will make it fun, relaxed and you will come away feeling amazing. And I WILL NOT make you do anything you don’t want to do  – that’s a promise 🙂 Book your boudoir photography shoot now !

So how much?  Full boudoir shoots with glamour makeover and hairstyling cost from £170 which gives  you an indulgent pampering three hour slot. Albums, wall art and canvases are also available.  Airbrushing is included as standard in all packages.

 Still interested in having a boudoir photography shoot near Sleaford? Then contact me here or give me a call on 01529 241633 or 07867 986887 and we can have a chat – go on – you know you want to !

Lincolnshire Boudoir Photographer

Stunning Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

boudoir photographer sleaford

  boudoir photographer in lincolnshire

Kay-16 glamourous photos lincolnshire

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So how many of you are fascinated and addicted to the Strictly Come Dancing programme? Or have you ever seen Gok Wan’s “How to look good naked”? For men and women across the nation, part of the attraction of Strictly or Gok Wan’s show is our amazement at watching people totally transform from their every day personas into more glamorous, confident versions of themselves. The more that people start to believe in themselves and their own abilities, the further they come out of their comfort zones and the more they achieve. We can all sit on our sofas at home every Saturday night and watch this process unfold before our very eyes, but who hasn’t dreamed of this happening to them? The good news is that dreams really can come true! Sharon Mallinson at Symply Photography has developed a magical boudoir photography experience that is guaranteed to bring out the glamorous inner diva in the most ‘ordinary’ of women.

Boudoir Photography Experience


How amazing would it be to have your hair and make up professionally styled so that you look ten years younger, to be advised on what to wear and how to pose, and then to glance in the mirror and see a vibrant, gorgeous individual with the inner confidence to believe that anything is possible? Imagine how fabulous it would be to give or receive a confidence-boosting experience like that as a special gift this year? For years afterwards – can you imagine  how wonderful would be to look at a series of stunning photographs in a sumptuous album, or a DVD slideshow that will act a permanent reminder of a very special experience? boudoir photography experience

At Symply Photography there is no barrier to feeling beautiful and confident. Women of all ages, sizes and life experiences can be transformed by their boudoir photography experience, which will be individually tailored to meet personal requirements. The shoot takes place in a professional home studio and is elegantly staged to ensure the results are subtle and classy, but breathtakingly beautiful. You will be the centre of attention throughout, and if you feel apprehensive and nervous at the start you will soon be feeling relaxed and happy, as the day is guaranteed to be full of smiles and fun. You will never forget how you are made to feel and look on that day, so be warned – the effects could be life changing!

glamour photoshoot


Perhaps you have recently come through a stressful period such as illness, divorce or a job loss and your self-esteem and body image has plummeted. You may have put on weight, or lost weight, but rather than loving your body you tell yourself that you will never, ever look or feel vibrant, joyous and confident again. You may feel that nowadays you are simply ‘somebody’s mum,’ or ‘someone’s gran’ and nobody will ever find you attractive or tell you that you look gorgeous again, because ‘those days have gone’. It’s not true! Book a boudoir photography experience for yourself or a loved one and rediscover that pride in the way you look, and celebrate the wonderful woman that you are. Boudoir Photography Experience


A boudoir photography  experience is a perfect valentine or anniversary gift  for anyone who is in a new or long-established relationship. Imagine how surprised and lucky your partner will be when he (or she!) sees photographs of you looking so tantalisingly sexy! Whether you are looking for a gift to give yourself, or a gift for your partner, it’s time to forget the chocolates, flowers and bath bombs this year! You deserve so much more! Gift vouchers are also available  (so start dropping those hints!)

Follow this link for more information on Boudoir pricing  , call 01529 241633 or 07867 986887 , or Email Me .

Boudoir Photography Experience

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Sleaford wedding photographerAfter the crazy rush of summer   the wedding industry starts to think about their marketing for the autumn wedding fairs ready for couples  to plan the details of their special day. After booking the venue the first thing most couples turn their minds to is booking the wedding photographer.  It is also one of the more substantial demands on their wedding budgets if they value their photos.

However, we live in times of affordable professional photo equipment and nearly every other person  owns an expensive camera. Regardless of how much talent they have, they are still amateurs with a lot to learn. This is where a professional photographer comes in. We bring so much more than state-of-the-art equipment. We are able to capture the significant details that make a photo beautiful – a romantic look exchanged between the couple , a ray of sunlight in bride’s hair, a warm smile. It takes years of doing wedding photography to be able to spot and create emotional photos that will save the moment for the generations to come.

So why do couples decide to get a friend to take their wedding photos? 

  • The obvious money issue of not being able to afford professionals for everything wedding related comes into play.
  • You don’t want to hurt your friend/aunt/uncle/sister’s feelings when they immediately ask if they can fill this role.
  • Your friend owes you a favour and you figure this is as good a time as any for them to pay you back.
  • Your friend takes some reasonable photos and wants to to save you the cost of hiring a pro – they want to gift this to you as their wedding present
  • And, of course, there is the possibility that you aren’t fully aware of the amount of expertise, equipment, investment, and business essentials that go into each vendor’s profession, (being that you aren’t in their industry) and you aren’t sure that you will get your money’s worth if you go with a wedding professional or what the difference would be.

Besides the aesthetic side of hiring a pro, there are also several benefits. For instance, you will have peace of mind knowing that your precious photographs are stored systematically on a professional computer and  backed up several times – secure from being deleted or lost. Many people who had their friends or relatives taking wedding photos ended up facing a disaster because the hard drive where the photos were stored suddenly died beyond the possibility of resurrection.

Thinking worst case scenarios – every professional photographer also has backup equipment in case something happens, like a camera body locking up, or a memory card corrupting.

Another difference between a layman and a pro is that the pro is fully trained in the art of photography. There are numerous ways in which he may have gained knowledge about photography – either through training courses, workshops, books, hours of video tutorials or even a  degree. This means he knows all the tricks of the trade, leaving nothing to chance. Even though pro’s photos may look like they were an easy shot, it takes a lot of imagination and skills to produce a photo that tells a story. And wedding photography is all about telling a story – all the little details of the day that get missed that will truly bring the memories flooding back in years to come

And lastly, many people think that numerous features of digital cameras do all the work by themselves. The truth is, however, a bit different. For instance, in order to focus successfully in a dark church – without flash – you will also need a variety of professional, fast  lenses – it is more complicated coming up   come up with beautiful artistic photos than you might think!.

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